Condolence & Memory Journal

Those games are really cute and very ahaorpcpable to kids. My nephews will be like this kind of games and I am very impressed on the for doing those such a wonderful games. Thanks.

Posted by Desi - FFwo5QyrRTg, FL - Grandchild   March 01, 2016

Oh, how I love this! This is an eye-opener!! We are an NGO in Sagamu, southwest Nigeria. We are on a pocrejt promoting care and support for vulnerable children including orphans. We are looking for ideas to give psychosocial support and your website has come on sight. Thank you for sharing these resources.Dr.O.A. Jeminusi, Director & Project Manager, Sagamu Community Centre, Sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Posted by Amir - rAdVxpSb, MT - Neighbor   March 01, 2016

Thank you sooooo much for your pgdlee of $2,500 to the Service High School Cheerleaders and Booster Club in Anchorage Alaska. The Service High Cheerleaders are the ONLY Alaska Cheer Team to have been invited to perform in the Champs Bowl Half Time Show in Orlando Flordia at Christmas 2012. As it is expensive to get uniform gear and travel all the way from AK to FL and back, we really really appreciate the monetary pgdlee. It's sure gonna help out alot! The girls are sooooooo excited for this once in a life time opportunity. Thanks again. This is such a blessing. Melanie Stromme.

Posted by Jerzy - QPsRTsLMom, NH - WIjQZdYeL   July 05, 2015

Ernie Banks was such a wonderful memory of my childhood. I will never forget watching him play at Wrigley Field. The games today can not match that time of innocence. My heart goes out to his family. I will miss you Ernie Banks.

Posted by Carol Pulaski - Chicago, IL - fan   January 31, 2015

Ernie Banks, like Ron Santo and Billy Williams was the sweetest guy you could ever meet -
when that cameras or microphones were around. If you were just a kid trying to get an autograph outside the clubhouse after a game, and you were between them and their cars, they'd push you out of the way or knock you over if you didn't get out of the way quickly enough. So the world is down one big-headed jock. Who cares? Not me- I quit caring long ago.

Posted by john charles - wheeling, IL - one-time kid and fan   January 30, 2015

My heartfelt sympathy during this most difficult time. Please find comfort from God's Word in 1 Peter 5:7 and 2 Cor. 1:3,4.

Posted by A. Hines - Statesboro, GA - Friend   January 28, 2015


We'll miss you, Ernie.

Posted by Dana Lavin - Yonkers,, NY - fan   January 26, 2015

The late, great Ernie Banks died just 8 days prior to his birthday. He had been a great ball player hitting over 500 career HRs/spent his entire nearly 2-decade career with Cubbies. He shall be deeply missed. May he R.I.P.

Posted by ChrIstopher Hagee - Phoenixville, PA - N/A   January 25, 2015


So glad that you lived a joyful life; optimism and happiness are the gifts you shared with the world. Thank you, Mr. Cub. A new star now shines from heaven.

Posted by Ame Borgman - Hammond, IN - Fan   January 25, 2015